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For over 20 years, Jerulita has been synonymous with highly informative custom tours around the Baltic States, Poland, and Scandinavia.This extensive experience, based on close cooperation with reliable local suppliers and the top industry guides, allows us to take our clients on journeys beyond the ordinary, the trips in which the joy of discovery becomes the main emotion after the tour.And do not forget, whether you are a solo traveler or a tour operator looking for a "white label" product, working with us is always effortless, effective, and most of all, fun.

Yulik Gurvitch the owner of Jerulita Travel

Yulik Gurvitch

Daniel Gurevich - Jerulita Travel

Daniel Gurevich

Jelena Gurevich - Jerulita Travel

Lena Gurevich

Booking guru

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Svetlana Shtarkman - Jerulita travel

Svetlana Shtarkman

Travel consultant & Guide