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Explore Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia with a guide

Baltic States Tour with Jerulita

Discover the beauty and wonder of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia on our full-guided Baltic States tour program. Let us guide you through the rich history and heritage of these amazing countries. Be awed by the stunning architecture and local arts that abound in the cities you will visit. Take a deep breath of the fresh air on nature trails and feel the breeze on lake cruises.Our Baltic States Tour will not only satisfy your thirst for knowledge, but you will also get to indulge in the local flavors of food and beverages. Immerse yourself in the local music and voices and experience some light adventure too.

History of the Baltic States

Baltic States Tour id a journey full of historical content provided by our passionate guides.

Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn

All three are UNESCO jewels, containing a captivating blend of history, architecture, and cultural vibrancy.

Baltic nature

The Baltic States are home to a stunning variety of natural landscapes, from lush forests and pristine beaches to rolling hills and tranquil lakes.

Northern serenity

The Baltic States are a haven for serenity, with stunning landscapes, charming villages, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1. Arrival to Vilnius
Welcome to Vilnius! We are so excited to have you here. Once you arrive, we will be happy to meet you at the airport and provide a comfortable transfer to your 4-star hotel in the heart of the city. We hope you enjoy your stay in Vilnius and please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to make your trip even more enjoyable!
Day 2. Vilnius city tour
Get ready to indulge in an amazing tour of Vilnius, Lithuania! Our day is jam-packed with beautiful sights and landmarks that will take your breath away. Our journey begins at the iconic Gediminas Castle Hill, where we’ll enjoy panoramic views of the city and its rich history. Next up is the stunning Neo-Classical Cathedral of Saints Stanislaus and Ladislaus in the heart of Cathedral Square.After that, we’ll embark on an adventure to visit some of Vilnius’s most famous locations, including the Presidential Palace and the Old Vilnius University. Then, we’ll head over to the charming “Gothic Triangle,” where we’ll marvel at the beauty of St. Anne’s Church. Our itinerary also includes a visit to the Uzupis Artist’s District, a delightful place teeming with culture and creativity.Of course, after all that sightseeing, we’ll need to refuel, so we’ll head to the picturesque City Hall Square for a delicious lunch. Our journey then continues to the Gate of Dawn and the Parliament building, where we’ll learn the intriguing story of the “Last Revolution.” Finally, we’ll take a leisurely stroll down Gediminas Avenue and Constitution Street, taking in the natural surroundings before bidding adieu to a spectacular Vilnius adventure.
Day 3: Baltic States tour departs to Kaunas
Our next stop is Trakai, a place surrounded by beautiful water and trees. In the past, it was where important kings lived, but now it’s home to a cool museum located in their old castle! During our visit, you’ll also hear about the people from the Crimea who once came to Lithuania. We’ll even visit their special graveyard!Later on, we’re heading to Kaunas – the second-biggest city in the country! You’ll be fascinated by the beauty of the old town, featuring old churches, small streets, and little cafes. We’ll even take a walk on the main street, which hasn’t changed much. Also, we’ll have the opportunity to see some famous art at the National Gallery. Exciting times ahead!
Day 4: Drive to Kedainiai and arrive at the Klaipeda Sea Port.
Our first stop will be in Kedainiai, a charming town that is home to the magnificent citadel of Radziwill family. This family is considered to be one of the most powerful nobility in the late Middle Ages!Next up, we will be heading to Klaipeda where we will immerse ourselves in the German-influenced medieval architecture of the cute Old Town. While here, we will be sure to stop by the Theatre square to see the statue of Annchen von Tharau, and of course, we will cross the Burce bridge to explore the newer part of the city, ending at the impressive Stone Sculpture Park.Throughout our trip, we will be discussing Lithuania’s fascinating history and heritage, including its unique pagan period and traditions. I can’t wait to explore all of this with you!
Day 5: Day tour on the Baltic Sea coast
Are you excited about our upcoming trip to Neringa National Park? We will start our adventure with a ferry ride to this charming sand peninsula. Our first destination is Juodkrante, where we will explore the Hill of Witches, adorned with enchanting wooden sculptures of Lithuanian legends.Make sure you have a camera ready, as we will get the chance to witness the magnificent cormorant population. From there, we’ll head to Nida, known for its artistic vibe and serene vacation colonies. A must-visit spot is the 60-meter-high dune and taking a stroll through the picturesque streets of this beautiful Baltic resort.Before we head back to Klaipeda, we have time to make a stop at the Lithuanian Sea Museum and Dolphinarium, perfect for an extra dose of fun.
Day 6: Baltic States Tour moves to Latvia
In the morning, we will drive to the Palanga resort on the Baltic Sea. The place is famous for its beaches, beautiful Botanic Park and the prominent Amber Museum, the most significant in the Baltic States. We will walk on the pedestrian alley to the longest pier and finish the visit to Palanga at the Monkey Bridge.En route to Latvia, we will visit the city of Siauliai. Here, the first pedestrian street in Lithuania was established, and we will walk on it and have lunch.We will stop at the Hill of Crosses, which is a unique pilgrimage site with over 500,000 crosses. It symbolizes Lithuanians’ resistance against foreign rule.Our first visit in Latvia will be at the beautiful Baroque Rundale Palace, built by the famous Italian architect B. Rastrelli for the Duke of Courland. We will take a stroll on the grounds and explore the exhibits inside the “Baltic Versailles.”
Day 7: Tour of the Latvian capital - Riga
We will start our first day in Riga with a city tour of the Old Town. First, we will visit the Dome Cathedral to see its extraordinary organ with 6,781 pipes. Next, we will check out the Great and Small Guilds’ houses and learn about Riga’s economic history.As we walk through the narrow Brewers street, we will approach the Swedish gate and the Latvian Parliament. We will also see the Three Brothers architectural complex, consisting of three houses built over different centuries, and your guide will tell the legend of the Cats’ House.The highlight of Riga’s Old City is the Blackheads’ house, a single merchants’ guild competing with the Hanseatic Union. We will end our walk in the Old Town at St. Peter’s Church and its tower.Riga is famous for its Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) architecture on its streets. We will pay special attention to the architectural history of Riga during our tour.
Day 8: From Latvia to Estonian islands
Are you ready for the third part of our Baltic States Tour? We have some exciting places to visit today! First, we will head to the most prominent food market in the Baltic States, which occupies five huge hangars that were once used to construct Zeppelin airships. Then, we will visit Sigulda, known as the “Switzerland of Latvia,” located in the beautiful Gauja National Park. You can tour the ancient castles, historic caves and spring water. I’m excited to take you to explore the romantic ruins of Sigulda Castle and hear legends about the Gutman caves. We’ll also wander the Turaida Castle museum and beautiful stone art park.Finally, we’ll head to Estonia, and along the way, we’ll stop in Parnu, a resort area and the cradle of Estonian independence. You won’t want to miss taking a ferry from Virtsu to Muhu and Saaremaa Islands, where we can marvel at the untouched Estonian nature sights. We’ll wrap up the night in the capital town of Kuressaare. If you want to, you can read about my trip to Saaremaa on the Jerulita Travel blog. Get ready for a fun day of exploring!
Day 9: From Kuressaare to Tallinn
Join us on a journey to explore the picturesque medieval attractions of Estonia! Kuressaare Bishop’s Castle is one of our top picks, boasting a wealth of history and a stunning museum showcasing Estonian culture and dignity. We’ll then move on to the fascinating Kaali meteorite craters, the largest of which features a tranquil lake and a significant depth. Before we arrive at the Estonian capital, we’ll make a stop to admire the historic Angla Windmills, a beautiful sight to behold. As the sun sets, we’ll finally reach our destination – the bustling city of Tallinn!
Day 10: Tour of historic Tallinn's grand architectural wonders.
Today, we will be immersing ourselves in Tallinn’s Old Town, including its 15th-century Town Hall and fortifications with 27 towers. We will also visit Toompea Castle Hill, where you can see the seat of government, the Russian Orthodox Church of Alexander Nevsky, and Tallinn’s Protestant Cathedral. This location also offers panoramic views of other parts of the city.Next, we will go on a driving tour, visiting the impressive Kadriorg Park and Palace, as well as the art museum located within them. We will drive by the Rusalka Monument and the Pirita Olympic Village.Finally, we will end the tour with a visit to the “Rocca al Mare” open-air ethnographic museum. If you want to learn more about alternative ways to explore Tallinn, you can read an article about Tallinn City Walks.
Day 11: It's the end of the Baltic States tour.
Good morning! As you prepare to depart, I wanted to remind you of the additional options available for your travels. If you’re interested, we can explore an extension to beautiful St. Petersburg, or perhaps take a scenic ferry ride to Helsinki or Stockholm. Let me know how I can assist you in making the most of your travels. Safe journey home!

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