Day trip from Vilnius to Trakai and Kernave

Refresh on a Day trip from Vilnius to Trakai and Kernave

This program is a mixture of stunning landscapes and rich history.

You will immerse yourself into the awesome world of Lithuanian nature and feel the real Lithuania under your feet. It’s a perfect option to get out of the bustling city and enjoy a totally relaxed day among Lithuanian lakes and forests. At the same time our tours always stay educational, so be sure to receive the same amount of information as it is usually provided by our knowledgeable and passionate guides. During this particular tour your guide will talk about early Lithuanian history and pagan tribes that inhabited this area centuries ago.

Ethnographic village

Professional Guide

Trip Itinerary

9:00 AM -Drive to Kernave
This tour will start from driving to the Lithuanian Troy – Kernave, the archeological site located on the picturesque bank of the Neris River. People have settled and been buried here since immemorial time. UNESCO recognized the importance of the area that presents an exceptional testimony to the evolution of human settlements in the Baltic region for some ten millennia. However, for Lithuanians, Kernave is the symbol of statehood and the first capital of pagan Lithuania, about which there are many legends and stories.We will walk the famous hill forts of Kernave and listen to the story of this one of the oldest Lithuanian towns.
11:00 AM - Ethnographic village
Continue to the ethnographic village of Grabijolai to discover Lithuanian traditions and way of life outside of the boundaries of big cities. In between these two amazing places, we will make a stop at the local crafts center to learn how to weave Verbos – a decoration made of dried flowers, plants, and moss. It originated in the Vilnius region in the 16th century and is traditionally used for the celebration of Palm Sunday.
12:00 PM - Trakai
The second part of the tour will take place in Trakai historical national park, famous for its island castle, surrounded by five lakes. However, Trakai stands out from other Lithuanian towns, not only by its charming landscape. It is widely known as the center of Karaites – a peculiar ethnic community that was brought from Crimea to Lithuania in the 15 c. Listen to our guide’s story about this unique Jewish offshoot and learn how and why they found Lithuania as their new comfortable home.During your free time, you will have a chance to go out around the lakes in a little boat, have a Karaite style lunch at one of the numerous cafes, visit the famous castle, or simply enjoy shopping souvenirs. 
15:00 PM Drive to Vilnius

Tour Pricing

2 people
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  • Sightseeing
4 people
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  • Sightseeing
6 people
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  • Sightseeing
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