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Short Tours

For those seeking quick getaways or shorter explorations, Jerulita offers an array of short tours that cater to various interests and preferences. The beauty of our short tours lies in their flexibility and convenience.Our short tours can be booked instantly through our user-friendly online platform. With just a few clicks, travelers can secure their spot and start looking forward to their upcoming adventure.Instant Payment: To further streamline the process, Jerulita Travel offers instant payment options. This means that once you've chosen your desired tour, you can make the payment swiftly and securely, eliminating any unnecessary delays.

Multi-Day Adventures

For those yearning for more immersive experiences and extended adventures, Jerulita presents a range of multi-day packages. These packages are meticulously crafted to offer a comprehensive exploration of the destination.Given the intricacies and bespoke nature of multi-day adventures, we believe in the importance of personalized guidance with one of our experienced travel advisors.Tailored Offers: After discussing your preferences, interests, and any specific requirements with a travel advisor, Jerulita Travel will craft a customized offer tailored to your needs. This ensures that every multi-day adventure aligns perfectly with the traveler's expectations, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling experience.

Jewish Heritage tour to Lithuania and Poland

Guided tour exproling 2 countries in 8 days.

Jewish Heritage Tour of Poland and Germany

a cinematic view of the Heritage, Culture, and Holocaust. The forces of good overcome those of evil.

Jewish Heritage tour to the Baltic states

Guided tour exproling 3 countries in 11 days.

Panorama of Vilnius
8 Hours

Kaunas city tour

with a guide

Riga Synagogue in Art nouveau style
6-7 Hours

Riga Jewish city tour

with a guide

100 years old picture of Vilnius
6-7 Hours

Vilnius: The Jerusalem of Lithuania

with a guide

3 Hours

Warsaw City Tour

while traveling with a guide

Hotel three systers in Tallinn

Tallinn City Break

Visit Estonian capital to refresh in a northern serenity

Vilnius view from the river Neris
3 Hours

Vilnius City Tour

while traveling with a guide

Warsaw Royal Palace

Jewish Heritage Tour to Poland

1000 years of a Jewish heritage in Poland

Jewish Heritage tour to the Baltic states

Guided tour exproling 3 countries in 11 days.

Kaunas 9th fort memorial
2 days

Jewish tour of Vilnius and Kaunas

and much more, while traveling with a guide

Trakai lake with a castle view

Baltic States Tour

Guided tour exproling 3 countries in 11 days.

Baltic States tour - Riga panoramic view

Riga tour: outside the old city

Visit 2 museums and 2 locations

Trakai lakes and a castle tower

Day trip from Vilnius to Trakai and Kernave

and much more, while traveling with a guide

Riga Art Nouveau Architecture with lion
3 Hours

Riga Art Nouveau tour

learn about and enjoy the beauty of Riga architecture

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